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Protective wear are essential for work situations that involve manual labor in hazardous conditions, Feel free to contact with us and choose from a large inventory of safety workwear from us.
Cold Resistant
EN511 | Thermal test Rating ; Cold weather work, Cold store freezer, Garden/Landscaping, Road snow blower, Frozen food package;
Cut Resistant
EN388 | Mechanical Rating ; Assembly ,Automotive, Builder,DIY, FOOD, Electronics ,Fabrication, Packaging, Maintenance,Glassing ,Butchery,Railway;
Touch Screen
OEKO-TEX ® | STANDARD 100 Electronics, Portable Device ,Machine Operation, Light Engineering ,Assembly ,Joinery
Fireproof / Flame Retardant
ASTM D6413 | Flammability Test ; NFPA 70E ; Arc Rating ; EN407;
Deli Wear, short name of Daily comfort wear , a manufacturer and supplier of premium work safety glove and head wear since 2008 , Now become a premium supplier for most world wide PPE wholesalers, Products like coated dipped glove ,Insulated thermal glove ,cut resistant glove, heat resistant glove ,Beanie hat ,Knee pad etc, they could be start with a small trail order quantity with your private label, all your products will be followed by our prefessional team from Design ,Manufacture, Quality check ,Packing and shipping to your warehouse, we not only provide products ,but also supply our clients with sultions, which make sure their choose items are high quality , warmly welcomed and competitive price in market .
Our gloves and head wear can protect wearers from different working hazards, like Cold ,Heat ,Cut , Flame, Blade, Freezing Temperatures, Impact etc, our wide selection of gloves, you may be a little unsure about which gloves are right for you, please contact us ,Our knowledge team is full of helpful guides to help you choose.
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Flame Resistant vs Flame Retardant

As it turns out, there is. One of the most common ways to avoid burns is to stay away from hot things. Well that really isn’t an option for certain professions, so flame resistant and flame-retardant clothing rules became standardized for those industries

China Import and Export Fair/ 125th Canton Fair,Glove manufacturer, Beanie hat manufacturer

China Import and Export Fair, also known as the “Canton Fair”, the 125th Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou City ,China , our safety work wear ,like Safety work glove , household kitchen heat resistant glove, bath glove, Cut resistant glove , thermal

Found in 2008 , now become a premium supplier for most world wide PPE wholesalers

Found in 2008 , now become a premium supplier for most world wide PPE wholesalers