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Key points of personal safety protection in working environment of high voltage power tower

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Update time : 2021-08-25 17:07:24
Key points of personal safety protection in working environment of high voltage power tower

The high-voltage safety protection frame shall be fixed as soon as it is erected.

The unfixed frame and potential safety hazards shall not be left when leaving the operation post to ensure the stability of the frame.
When erecting and dismantling safety protection racks near live equipment, it is advisable to cut off power for operation.
When working near the external power overhead line, the minimum safe operation distance between the outer edge of the safety protection frame and the sideline of the external power overhead line shall not be less than 6m.

High altitude open-air operation shall be stopped in case of strong wind above level 6 (including level 6), high temperature and heavy rain. Inspection shall be carried out after wind and rain.
In case of inclination, sinking, loose buckle and collapse, it shall be repaired in time and can be used only after it is qualified.
Scaffolders must be responsible for the erection, removal and maintenance of high-voltage safety protection shelves.
Non scaffolders are not allowed to engage in the operation of high-voltage safety protection shelves.

All scaffolders entering the site must receive professional safety technical training, pass the examination and work with special operation certificate. During the operation practice stage, scaffolders must operate under the leadership and guidance of skilled technicians.
Non scaffolders shall not operate alone without consent.
When using personal safety protection articles correctly, you must wear flexible clothes (tight sleeves).
When working at heights (above 2m), you must wear safety belt, hang it firmly with the erected vertical and cross bars, and wear anti-skid shoes.

The specific personal protective equipment shall be selected according to the characteristics of the working environment:

Protective gloves
1. Prevent fire, high temperature and low temperature damage.
2. Prevent damage from electromagnetic and ionizing radiation.
3. Prevent damage from electrical and chemical substances.
4. Prevent impact, cutting, abrasion, microbial invasion and infection.

Precautions for use:
1. There are many kinds of protective gloves, which can be selected according to the protective function.
First, the protection object shall be defined, and then carefully selected. For example, acid-base resistant gloves include strong acid (alkali) resistant gloves and low concentration acid (alkali) resistant gloves, while low concentration acid (alkali) resistant gloves cannot be used to contact high concentration acid (alkali). Remember not to misuse it to avoid accidents.
2. Waterproof, acid and alkali resistant gloves should be carefully checked before use to observe whether the surface is damaged. A simple method is to blow air into the gloves, pinch the socket with your hand and observe whether there is air leakage. If there is air leakage, it cannot be used.
3. The insulation performance of insulating gloves shall be inspected regularly, and those that do not meet the regulations cannot be used.
4. Rubber, plastic and other protective gloves shall be washed and dried after use. Avoid high temperature during storage, and sprinkle talc powder on the products to prevent adhesion.
5. It is forbidden to wear gloves when operating rotating equipment.

Insulated shoes (boots)
1. Insulating shoes shall be correctly selected according to the voltage in the workplace. Low voltage insulating shoes are not allowed to be used as safety aids on high-voltage electrical equipment, and high-voltage insulating shoes (boots) can be used as auxiliary safety tools on high-voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment.
However, no matter wearing low-voltage or high-voltage insulated shoes (boots), do not directly contact electrical equipment with hands.
2. Cloth insulated shoes can only be used in a dry environment to avoid moisture on the cloth.
3. When wearing insulated shoes, put the trouser tube into the shoe barrel. When wearing insulated shoes, the trouser leg should not be longer than the height of the outer edge of the sole, nor the ground, so as to keep the upper dry.
4. Rubber soles not resistant to acid-base oil shall not contact with acid-base oil substances, and sharp objects shall be prevented from being stabbed. Low voltage insulated shoes cannot be used as insulated shoes if the bottom pattern is polished and the internal color is exposed.
5. When purchasing insulated shoes (boots), check whether there are permanent insulation marks on the shoes, such as red lightning symbol, how many volts of withstand voltage on the sole, etc; Whether there is a certificate of conformity, safety appraisal certificate, production license number, etc. in the shoes.

Protective glasses and masks

1. Prevent foreign matters from entering the eyes.
2. Prevent chemical injury.
3. Prevent damage from strong light, ultraviolet and infrared rays.
4. Prevent damage from microwave, laser and ionizing radiation.

Precautions for use:
1. The selected goggles shall be products that have passed the inspection of the product inspection organization.
2. The width and size of goggles shall be suitable for the user's face.
3. The lens is worn rough and the frame is damaged, which will affect the vision of the operator, so it should be replaced in time.
4. Special personnel shall be assigned for goggles to prevent infectious eye diseases.
5. The filter and protective film of welding goggles shall be selected and replaced according to the specified operation needs.
6. Prevent heavy pressure and falling, and prevent hard objects from rubbing lenses and masks.

Safety belt
Function: prevent operators from falling from height.

Usage and precautions:
1. When using the safety belt, check whether the parts of the safety belt are complete and damaged. Various rings of metal accessories shall not be welded parts, the edge shall be smooth, and the product shall have "safety certificate".
2. When using the boom safety belt, there is a protective sleeve on the boom rope. It is not allowed to drag the rope on the ground at will, so as not to damage the rope sleeve and affect the main rope.
3. The hanging safety belt shall not be used for low hanging and high hanging, because the low hanging and high hanging is subject to large impact force and great harm to human body during falling.
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