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What kinds of personal protective equipment are commonly used

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What kinds of personal protective equipment are commonly used
The types of personal protective articles can be divided into head protective articles, facial protective articles, eye protective articles, respiratory protective articles, ear protective articles, hand protective articles, foot protective articles and body protective articles according to the protective parts.
The use of personal protective equipment is an important measure to prevent or reduce industrial accidents, occupational diseases and occupational poisoning.

Personal protective equipment is the necessary preventive equipment to protect the safety and health of workers in the process of labor.
It uses a certain shield, belt or floating body to protect the part or whole body of workers from external invasion by means of blocking, absorption, dispersion and sealing.

1. Head protection:
In order to protect the head from injury, protect the human head from injury or reduce the degree of head injury. Head protection articles include safety helmet, miner's safety helmet and electric welding safety helmet.

2. Face protection:
Personal protective articles to prevent smoke, dust particles, metal sparks and flying debris, heat, electromagnetic radiation, laser, chemical splash and other facial injuries are called facial protective articles.
According to the protection function, it can be divided into Anti chemical face screen, electric welding face mask, anti radiation face screen, etc. The anti chemical panel is generally made of polycarbonate material, which can prevent the splashing of molten metal chemicals.

3. Eye protection:
Particles and debris of matter, sparks and heat flow, dazzling light and smoke can cause damage to the eyes.
According to the type of protection, it can be divided into protective glasses and goggles; According to the protection function, it can be divided into Anti chemical glasses, anti impact glasses, electric welding glasses, dust-proof glasses, etc. Anti chemical glasses are mainly used to protect eyes from chemical damage caused by irritating or corrosive solutions.
Welding glasses are designed to protect the welder's eyes, which is more convenient and beautiful than the welding surface screen. Anti impact glasses are mainly used to protect dust particles, hard objects and debris.

4. Respiratory protection
Respiratory protective equipment is a protective equipment to prevent harmful gas, vapor, dust, smoke and fog from sucking people through the respiratory tract or directly supplying oxygen or clean air to the dispenser, so as to ensure the normal breathing of operators in dust, toxic pollution or anoxic environment.

Dust mask is a personal protective device to prevent or reduce dust in the air from entering human respiratory organs. The brands of dust masks include 3M dust masks, Sichuang dust masks, MSA, etc. the price of dust masks is reasonable and the protection performance is high.

In fact, the dust mask has the same protective function as the dust mask. It is also a respiratory protective appliance used to prevent external dust particles from being inhaled by the human body. However, the dust mask is higher than the dust mask in terms of use cost and protection grade. The dust mask is generally composed of filter cotton and mask. The filter cotton is a consumable and needs to be replaced in time, and the mask can be reused after cleaning.

Gas masks are mainly personal protective equipment to protect people's respiratory organs, eyes and face and prevent the injury of toxic substances such as toxic gas, dust and bacteria. Air respirator is also called gas storage gas mask, sometimes called fire mask. It takes the compressed gas cylinder as the air source, but the gas contained in the cylinder is compressed air.

Long tube respirator is a personal protective equipment between gas mask and air respirator. The utility model is composed of a long breathing tube, an air supply source and a mask. According to the type, the long tube respirator can be divided into self-priming long tube respirator and electric air supply long tube respirator.

5. Ear protection
Personal protective equipment that can prevent excessive sound energy from invading the external auditory canal, prevent human ears from excessive stimulation of noise, reduce hearing damage, and prevent the adverse effects of noise on human body.

Ear protection articles mainly include anti noise earplugs, earmuffs, electronic earmuffs, etc. Acoustic earplugs are generally made of silica gel or low-pressure foam material and high elastic polyester material. Insert the ear canal to isolate the sound from entering the middle ear and inner ear (eardrum) to achieve the purpose of sound insulation.

The electronic earmuff has the function of intelligent noise filtering. The two pickups process the ambient sound through the built-in circuit to produce clearer sound into the ear.

6. Hand protection
Gloves with the function of protecting hands and arms for operators to wear during labor are called hand protective articles, which are usually called labor protective gloves.
Protective gloves include chemical resistant gloves, insulating gloves, high temperature resistant gloves, arc resistant gloves, etc.
Chemical resistant gloves are used for effective hand protection in contact with chemicals and solvents.
High temperature resistant gloves are special high temperature resistant gloves used in high temperature environment. Different high temperature resistant gloves can be selected according to the temperature of hand contact.

7. Foot protection
Foot protective equipment is a protective device to prevent harmful substances and energy from damaging workers' feet in the production process.

It is usually called labor protective shoes (safety shoes). National standards are divided into dust-proof shoes, waterproof shoes, cold proof shoes, impact proof shoes, anti-static shoes, high-temperature shoes, acid and alkali proof shoes, oil proof shoes, high-temperature resistant shoes, anti slip shoes, anti puncture shoes, electrically insulated shoes, etc.

8. Body protection
Body protective equipment is what we usually call protective clothing, which can fully protect the human body.
Protective clothing can be divided into chemical protection clothing, thermal insulation clothing, fire protection clothing, radiation protection clothing, flame retardant clothing, dust-proof clothing, reflective vest, cooling vest and protective raincoat.
The utility model relates to a fully enclosed chemical prevention clothing, which is composed of a head cover, clothes, chemical prevention gloves and chemical prevention boots. When in use, it is used together with a positive pressure air respirator.

Thermal insulation clothing, also known as high-temperature protective clothing, is used to protect the human body from being ignited, flaming and smoldering after contacting flame and hot objects. The reflective vest is made of high visibility reflective materials. The users are generally traffic police, sanitation workers, etc.

The protective effect of different types of personal protective articles is limited. Some operating environmental conditions are complex and changeable, and personal protective articles will not work if they exceed the allowable protection range.

Therefore, it is necessary to correctly use personal protective equipment and reasonably select the type of personal protective equipment according to the hazard degree of the working environment, so as to avoid accidents.

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