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Dec .15.2020
If your hands are heading for a chill then you’ll be needing a pair of gloves, so get the best gloves for cold protection - not that we’re ones to brag, because all our best cold resistant gloves come with EN 511 accreditation. We've got gloves that can t
Learn about cut resistant glove Learn about cut resistant glove
Nov .23.2020
Cut resistant gloves are used for many industries. With technology getting better there has never been such a diverse range of cut resistant gloves available. This is good for all of us, however it can make choosing the right cut resistant gloves for your
Heat resistant glove standard-EN407 Heat resistant glove standard-EN407
Nov .13.2020
All of our Heat Resistant Gloves will be tested to EN 407, so if you see EN 407 on your safety gloves or if you see them in a listing then you'll know that they are resistant to some level of heat. Similarly if you're after buying some heat-resistant glov
A+A 2021 Dusseldorf Exhibition A+A 2021 Dusseldorf Exhibition
Nov .04.2020
A+A 2021 Dusseldorf Germany is the world's largest fair for safety security and health at work., Feel free to visit us on stand to find out more about our range of cut resistant glove ,heat resistant glove ,Cold resistant glove ,Water resistant glove